We mix cognitive science and technology

to protect you


Human factor is key to the security of your data. Your employees will enforce it, gaining reflexes through training.


Cyberzen installs a long lasting cyberculture, thanks to alternative training methods, focused on Gaming and Experiencing in Virtual Reality.


Our technological know how and our cybersecurity expertise offers a panel of Serious Games and unique immersive experiences.


Sensitization, training, simulation : we enforce your teams autodefense abilities. Your company is better protected.


Cyberzen desk

You play a burglar at night in your own office. Find in less than 2 minutes 10 objects that endanger your firm security.


What’s the other side of the mirror ? Learn social engineering techniques used by thieves to access your data, spot them and counter them.

Ciso room

Will your CISO team be ready on D-day ? A major incident simulation to treat as a team in virtual reality. Perfect to train the multi sites teams without traveling.


Gregory Fabre

ENSIIE engineer, Gregory specialized into cybersecurity and law, first in Matignon, working for the Prime Minister services at the Secrétariat Général du Gouvernement, then in press. He founds Cyberzen in 2017.

He’s very unadvertised on his rock singer career.



"Ma vie connectée" on France Inter, 2018 april the 21st.

Click here  to read the article (in french).

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